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    Gartner Magic Quadrant 2012 for iBPM.

    tarekahf Level 2

      I was surprised to find out that the updated Magic Quadrant from Gartner for iBPM (Intelligent Business Process Management) for 2012 does not include Adobe (i.e. Adobe LiveCycle ES3 Process Management). The last time Adobe was mentioned as Leader in the BPM Magic Quadrant was in 2010 report from Gartner.


      I was comparing various vendors for BPM from Adobe, Microsoft, and IBM ... etc... and I was hoping to see that Adobe is making some progress in that regard, but seems that Adobe interest has shifted away from the field of BPM.


      According to Gartner, IBM has been in the leader Quadrant since 2009 for ECM, which covers also BPM Features.


      Appreciate feedback from others on this subject. I need to know on which vendor I should focus my efforts.


      Just for the reference:





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          tarekahf Level 2

          Appreciate if any could post some feedback on this subject.


          At my workplace, we might be considering a solution to implement a Workflow Engine for all other applications. We have eliminated .NET WF (Workflow Foundation) and we think that the out of the box SharePoint Workflow Engine is not good enough. Of course, we still have to do more study and analysis in this field.


          My question here is how I can justify considering Adobe LiveCycle ES3 in our selection process, if it was dropped by the latest Gartner Report?


          I attended Adobe MAX 2010, and I was very much happy with Adobe LiveCycle ES Process Management... it is really bad if it will not be considered.


          Here is another link:





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            Suvrat Adobe Employee

            Hi, sorry for the delayed response. My thought is that the reason why Gartner dropped LiveCycle from BPM category is because LC dropped BPM and it seems that availability of dashboard is one of the key requirements for a tool to be BPM.


            Hope you were able to prevail and are using LiveCycle in your workplace.

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              tarekahf Level 2

              Thanks for the reply, Suvrat.


              Well, before Gartner dropped Adobe LC from iBPM group, there was some hope to use Adobe LC at workplace, but now, the hope is nearly Zero.