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    Force movieclips to display instantly


      I'm wondering if it's possible to force a movieclip to display as soon as it is created. Rather than having to wait for the next frame.

      For example the code attached attempts to show a loading screen before a cpu heavy task executes. It then hides the load screen after the task has finished.

      The problem with the below code is that the loading screen will never be displayed as flash will be too busy doing doSomething() to move onto the next frame. The visual effect is that the loading screen isn't actually displayed as it's made invisible as soon as it's drawn.

      So I was wondering if there was a way to force a movieclip to display, or force the next frame before performing an action.

      Currently I’ve used intervals to wait for a few secs, but it's starting to get a bit messy and it slows the application down (if only slightly).

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.