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    I need to edit upward of 25 three dimensional layers in 1080p if After Effects.


      I'll be editing in Premiere Pro.

      What hardware would it require?


      GPU (I ONLY want Nvidia, because all the software I'll use is optimized for that, and it's CUDA technology is great) - should I SLI, or will the software not use that? Dual GPU cards, such as GTX 690?

      RAM (should be 2-3 GB per processor core, I know)


      I just want to keep the price as low as possible, but I don't care if it goes up to $5000. I just mean that I would rather get an 7 3930k than 3960x, since it is a barely noticeable performance difference. Would I need a Xeon? In dual CPU setup?

      Also, I'm staying at 1866 mhz at the MOST. I know that anything higher is useless and overkill.

      Also, if you want a place to make a concept list more easily, try http://pcpartpicker.com

      I use it a lot, but I don't know whether my concept builds are accurate to my needs.

      Thank in advance!


      Sorry if it shows up copied and pasted, I asked this somewhere else, but the answers were really bad.