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    Flash Preloader Problem....please help

      I have created a website ( http://www.gapproject.co.uk) with a preloader.

      When you access the ( http://www.gapproject.co.uk/gap_gallery.html) page of the site (which is over 2meg) the content loads about 90% and THEN shows the preloader.

      I want the preloader to start showing from 0% through to 100% before directing me to the first frame of the website??

      Any ideas as this leaves people waiting with a blank screen for a while before seeing the progress bar load from 90% ish to 100%???

      my AS code.....

      myProgressBarListener = new Object();

      myProgressBarListener = function (eventObject) {
      myProgressBar._visible = false;


      myProgressBar.addEventListener("complete", myProgressBarListener);

      myProgressBar.mode = "polled";

      myProgressBar.source = "_root";

      myProgressBar.conversion = "1";

      myProgressBar.label = "LOADING %3%%";

      myProgressBar.direction = "right";

      myProgressBar.labelPlacement = "bottom";