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    CS6 caching hangs the system every time I preview

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      I have recently put together a system specifically made for AE but have found that the way it caches has seriously slowed down my entire workflow.


      Every time I hit RAM preview, no matter how small the project, AE hangs as it "initialized background processes" and then stops at frame 2 while the media cache HDD churns and churns, sometimes for 30 seconds. Eventually rendering starts and it is blazing fast, but it makes previewing quite a hassle to use.


      This behavior is directly linked to multiprocessing, and if I switch it off there is no wait before rendering begins, however this runs counterintuitive to my whole set up and slows down my work considerably.


      It seems that the way AE CS6 does its caching is with small 128KB files that completely throttle the mechanical hard drives and really make this feature unusable.


      Short of cancelling multiprocessing, does anyone have any suggestions?


      My search on the internet has yielded similar complaints:


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      <a href='http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/2/1021286'>http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/2/1021286</a>


      I am on a:

      Windows 7 x64

      i7 3930K

      32GB of RAM

      Multiprocessing ON - 8 GB reserved for other applications - RAM allocation per CPU is 3GB - using 6 cores

      Disk Cache enabled - maximum disk cache set at 50GB

      After Effects CS6 on an SSD SATA III

      my media on a Caviar Black SATA II

      disk cache set to another Caviar Black SATA II.