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    I have PSTouch v1.3. How to get v1.4 for Kindle Fire HD?


      Hi, I bought PSTouch for my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab, went through some of the tutorials, and went to Adobe Headquarters in San Francico when they gave a very good demo on it.


         So, I've paid the $9.95 and have enjoyed it.  (It seems to behave differently now that my Samsung 10.1 Tab was upgraded from Honeycomb to Ice Cream Sandwich but that's a side issue.) 


      BUT, the main thing -- I have a Kindle Fire HD 7" and my 8.9" version is coming next week. 

      Google Play tells me that the PS Touch app (they are on v1.3 and the KFire version is v1.4)  is compatible with my Samsung 10.1 and is already installed. 


        Amazon says its v1.4 version is compatible with my Kindle Fire HD 7" and my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab (and I've paid for the latter).


      The Google Play site will not recognize Amazon Kindle Fires of any type.   Therefore, the only way for me to get this latest v1.4 for Kindle Fire HD at Amazon is to pay Amazon *another* $9.95 to be able to download this v1.4 update.


         Is there ANY way that you know of that I can just get the v1.4 update for my Kindle Fire without paying a 2nd time for PS Touch?  Thanks.