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    Time Ruler


      Hey guys, i have a question:

      In the time ruler i can chose the seconds I want like second by second and i'm watching some tutorials of how to work with after effects and I need to drag the time ruler like every milisecond so i can get a smooth action instead of like "pictures" in quick sucession. How do i change that so i can work in the time ruler smootlhy and not like second by second?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't follow. Sounds like you have a fundamental misunderstanding here. You work in frames, not seconds and those are defined by your comp framerate. You cannot go finer than that. Even if you were able to define stuff "inbetween frames", what would be the point? Once rendered, the result would be sampled based on discrete frames to the video's framerate and any potential differences based on microseconds or whatever would be obliterated and not contribute to the visual result, give or take minor differences e.g. in motionblur sampling. Simple physics - the camera shutter opens, records a frame and while the shutter is closed the object still moves, so it appears in another place once the shutter opens again. The camera doesn't care how it got there, it only records the result. Again, I think you are fundamentally misunderstanding something here - your movement wouldn't get "smoother" just by changing the animation framerate or liquifying time. Other than that AE operates on "natural time" already to mix different framerates and allow time-remapping. If you can point to the tutorial you're having difficulty with and provide a better explantion we will be glad to advise, otehrwise simply hone your animation skills. None of us were born as perfekt animators and in the beginning all our animations probably were "jumpy" if they had more than 2 linear keyframes.