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    I don't know how works Clone stamp tool


      I have some problems about some tools while I was following the tutorials of Photoshop Touch, one of them is about the Clone Stamp tool and Effects brush, I was doing the tutorial about the couple in  the beach, which I had to clean up the man and a woman from the background by using Clone Stamp, but it does not work after having done the mask.  and the horse tutorial, the effect brush does not work either, why happens that?

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          For the couple, make sure you've selected the source (in this case, the water between the two men). Also make sure the selection made on the woman was inverted *before* you began cloning.


          For the horse tutorial, it's even simpler: You simply select the Effects Paint tool and choose the "black & white" effect to paint the background black and white and then switch to the saturation effect (at 100% strength) to enhance the horse itself. (I believe this was slightly different than the original tutorial they had for versions prior to version 1.3; the effects paint tool was integrated with the paint tool back then.)

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            Alec Molloy Employee Moderator

            This video from Russell Brown should help: