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    Compatibility with previous Premiere files.

    mentalcase129 Level 1

      So I just finally made a big leap from Premiere CS3 to CS6.  Then I was immediately asked by a client if I could make an adjustment to a project from a few months ago and I'm having trouble opening that previous file.  I get a message saying that the project contains a sequence that doesn't fit any of premiere's attributes or something to that effect.  The project in questions is animated and was cut together with image sequences.  The only video file in the project would be the rendered project itself from when I initially finished it.  This video file is no longer necassary but it would seem that just because Premiere's not able to open this one asset it's not allowing me to open the project at all.  This seems rediculous as normally you'd be able to open a file even if an asset is missing completely and it would just replace it with a proxy image.  Is there a work around for this?


      As a test I started a new project and tried to import the file that I thought was probably the issue and as I had suspected it didn't work properly because of a missing codec.  I'm not really remembering what codec I used.  I think mpeg4 but I'm doubting myself cuz that's pretty standard. 


      Like I said if I am in face correct that that is the issue file then it doesn't even matter if it works, I just need the project to open so I can make some adjustments to the other portions of the file and rerender it.  Please help!

      Thanks guys!