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    Premiere timeline plays fine, but output extremely slow and screen lags

    thxapproved Level 1

      In Adobe Premiere CS6 I've been working on this timeline.  I've added some effects to a couple clips such as drop shadow and basic 3D.  The timeline plays perfectly fine.  However, when I go to output this sequence to H.264 or MPEG 2 for DVD the first clip with these effects takes forever to output.  Also, if I force render the segment to make a preview, it also takes forever.  It is using the GPU to render, as the CPU has very little going on, but things on my computer screen take forever to do anything. If I open a window while it is rendering, it is extremely sluggish.  I don't remember CS5 ever doing this. 

      Why would it be able to play the clip just fine, but take 10+ minutes to render the 10 seconds?  Granted, I understand it is doing scaling bicubically now instead of bilinearly, but wow, this is sort of wierd.


      I've also tried turning on and off certain effects to see if one is more problematic than another.  The effects that appear to be intensive are the "Drop Shadow" and the "Basic 3D" effects.  That's what is killing this.


      Can anyone tell me how big of a performance jump would I get going from a GTX 470 to a GTX 680?