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    Newsletter creation and CSS export in Adobe Fireworks


      I am a new to adobe fireworks and am currently in the trial mode of my download.

      I was advised that Adobe FIreworks CS6 is the ideal program to create graphics and text to build a newsletter for my company.


      Not knowing much about the program, I was able to add graphics, text and hotspots on specific images and text with an html link for customers to be able to click to sign up for the newsletter via our website.


      The million dollar question I have is how in the world do I export this document and paste it into the "body" of an email to send to 5k contacts?

      I do not want an attachment, I want the body fo the email to be html or css coded, but I know nothing about either of the two or how to do it.


      I did find one video that walked me thru the export css process, but none of my images were shown and 90% of the text was missing.


      I believe I need to understand "layers" to get this to work properly but could really use some help!


      I am dangerously close to missing out on advertising to all 5k contacts before the holiday. Please help!!


      BTW - the reason for doing this instead of using standard mailchimp or constant contact is because I purchased my email list and those are forbidden in both constant contact and mailchimp hence why i need to create my own opt-in newsletter to get people to opt-in via my website.


      Thanks in Advance!!