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    after effects refuses to overwrite video files

    Pacoan Level 1

      When rendering with After Effects CS6, I am unable to save the file with the same name as the original- After Effects states that it another file with the same name already exists.


      I'm wondering if other people experience this, or simply work around it.


      It is common, very common for me, to render a file then use that file in another app, like Premiere. After placing it in Premiere, I often return to make changes to the After Effects composition, which requires that I render the file again. I render the file with the same name as the initial file, so that it will automatically update in the editing app.



      I'm not sure why this newer version actually removes functionality. Did the developers decide that this is not a thing that should be done, overwriting files?




      After writing this, I decided to replicate the example to record the exact error- and to my dismay, there was no error. It rendered over the same file just fine. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this related to my operating system or After Effects?