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    Serious frustration over constant crashing of InDesign CS6

    MangaGal Level 1

      Hi everyone


      I am seriously beyond frustrated over constant crashing from InDesign CS6. If InDesign is a person, I would have slammed its face into the wall by now. Just these two days, while working on a 160 pages document, Indesign has crashed more than 20 times and everytime it does, the crash report is too large to post to pastebin.


      Basically, when I reflow text, it crashed. When I tried generating TOC it crashed. While inserting new cross references, I mis-clicked and clicked on "update" instead and it crashed. When I deleted one page, it crashed. When I deleted one textbox, it crashed. I can't seem to stop it from crashing. I'm really really frustrated coz there's no one or place I can take the damn document to so that I can some answers from someone why it crashes soooo frequently. I did another document, which was around the same size, it was fine. No drama. Why this is different?


      Is it because I have a running headers? So everytime I do something, it will update and then crash? Can I stop running headers from updating automatically? Can I set it to update manually?


      I'm soooooooooooooooo over it. I can't seem to figure out the crashing problem. I have turned off Smart Flow thinking that it was what causing it. Still the same thing.

      I'm running OSX Mountain Lion with SF4.


      I'm sure it will crash again. I might have to post a pdf doc of the crash report.


      Any idea will be appreciated