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    Sharing Assets

    thxapproved Newcomer

      In Encore, How does one go about sharing assets?


      For example:  I have one video project.  I have two menu Items, "Play Video" and "Play Loop."  The first would play the production and then return to the main menu.  The second, would play the same production and then repeat back to the beginning of the production and would continue indefinitely.

      Currently the only way I can see doing this is to create two timelines (doesn't matter if you copy/paste or select "duplicate"), one that will simply play the video and the other that will loop.  However, when you do this, Encore "sees" this as two differing sets of assets, therefore doubling the size of the project.  Either this is sheer madness, or I just don't know what I am doing.  If by Encore CS6 we have not figured out how to share assets, I will be highly disappointed.  That's why I'm hoping I am just missing something.


      Please help!!




      Production Premium CS6

      Windows 7/64 bit

      Intel i7 950

      12GB RAM

      nVidia GTX470

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          Stan Jones Ninja

          An "asset" is the movie file (or dynamic link to a Premiere sequence). The "timeline" is the Encore object you create that holds the asset. A playlist is an object that holds one or more timelines.


          Set the end action of the timeline to itself. Put the timeline in a playlist. Set the end action of the playlist to "return to last menu." The button for repeating takes you to the timeline; the one play button 2 takes you to the playlist.


          You can also use an override for this, but most users now avoid them. But it is a pretty simple application: set the end action of the timeline to "last menu." The one play button links to the timeline, with no override set. The repeating play button links to the timeline, but has an override set to the timeline.

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            thxapproved Newcomer

            Thanks!  Both worked well.  The assistance was much appreciated.  Coming from Scenarist, the most difficult thing is just finding the new buttons and conventions.  Thanks again!

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              Stan Jones Ninja

              You're welcome!