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    CS6 on Mac OS 10.8 printing booklet


      Hi all,


      I've just switched from WinXP/CS5.5 to Mac10.8/CS6 Design & web Premium and I have a problem with booklets.


      I'm newbie on Mac so please excuse me if it's lame question.


      When I'm doing a booklet (File -> Print Booklet), defining all my needs (Pages all, Booklet type, signature size etc.) CS is doing a Postcript file with a page size of original document with only right half of my booklet spread (not twice larger for a whole spread).


      Printer is PostScript File - I cannot change to Adobe PDF nor change page size (in Booklet -> Printer settings -> Setup).


      Moreover I have a dialog that there is no printers installed on my MacBook.


      Mac system settings on Printes are empty.


      I've tried to search on forum/google etc but found nothing on 10.8 printing problem. Only solutions I've found are on other versions of OS with different dialogs, check-boxes...


      Any hints?