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    Premiere CS6 randomly goes fullscreen like a screensaver


      When I am editing and just sitting staring at the screen, whatever frame I am on the timeline will just go fullscreen without any prompting. I thiought at first I accidently hit fullscreen mode so  I tried hitting hte tilde key to make it go back to it's normal size but nothing happened. Instead, I have to resort to clicking on the screen several time before it goes back. This occurs about 15 to 20 times and hour and it doesn't matter if it is minimized, it just takes over the screen, no matter what program I am using.  Any ideas would be helpful. I am using the latest update.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          That is a new one to me.


          With any display issues, the first thing that I try to rule out is the video driver.


          What make and model video card/chip do you have?

          What is the version number and date of the installed video driver?

          Is that the latest video driver from the mfgr's. Web site? Do not trust your OS, or any utility to tell you - verify.

          What OS are you on?


          If everything checks out there, some other possibilities would be:


          Keyboard issue. Do you have any sticking keys, or does your keyboard require a driver?

          Mouse/tablet issue. Have you updated the mouse, and/or tablet (device) drivers?

          Some "Hot-key" program going "rogue" on you. Do you have any 3rd party Hot-key programs loaded?


          Good luck,



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            shooternz Level 6

            Not such a new one to me.


            I have seen this happen many times in my system but only when PPRO is minimised against the Desk Top. Never seen it come over any other application.


            In my case.. the rogue image  displays on the second Monitor...which I have set as the full screen Program Monitor. Monitor one is the UI only.


            My theory is its a "bug" and I think it may happen when PPRO does an autosave in the BG.  For some reason it chooses to focus on the Program Monitor when doing so.

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              Tom Culler

              I'm having a very similar issue. I'm running Cloud PPro CS6, and source, program and trim monitors all default to full-screen video on my second monitor. I hit ctrl-tilde to flip it back, but sometimes it will stay playing in the smaller preview window (which I prefer for most situations) and sometimes it will randomly flip to full-screen mode. The trim monitor is the worst - It constantly flips to full-screen on its own and does not respect the last setting I used. In fact, all I have to do is click on the trim monitor window, and it goes full screen. Very annoying as my second monitor contains many other panels (eff4ect controls, source/sequence preview panels, etc.) I'm having to hit ctrl-tilde every few minutes and it's really interfering with my editing workflow.


              I have a 3GB NVIDIA GTX 660 TI with the most recent driver (310.70).


              Edit: I'm also having to hit the CTRL-TILDE combination twice, not once, to toggle. Hitting it once has no effect. No, I don't have any 3rd-party hot-key items; in fact my PC is relatively clean of non-Adobe products (given what I've seen on other PCs. )

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                wfmc staffer Level 2

                This happened to me a few times. For me it was a settings issue. Make sure in your prefs\playback that you only have the intended full screen monitor checked. I have a two monitor set up, so the prefs looked like this when correct.



                I was having issues when both monitor 1&2 were checked.


                good luck.

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                  Tom Culler Level 1

                  Bingo! That was it. I had to disable the checkmark on my second monitor to get the expected behavior (all three are now unchecked.) Now, by default, I get the normal playback in the source and program windows, and they don't switch to full screen on their own. If I toggle with CTRL-TILDE it goes full screen on my second monitor and swaps correctly with ONE hit of the toggle, not two.


                  I still wonder if it's a bug...


                  Thank you!


                  - Tom

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                    happens to me too, it's reallllllllyy annoying.

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                      can somebody help me? I have an aupgrade versjon to premiere pro cs5.

                      is it possibleto upgrade this to cs6 or 7

                      if so, what must I do and at what cost.