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    Flash player baggage

    HJB Productions LLC

      I recently observed that Adobe is forcing you to install other programs during flash player update without giving you the option to opt out. I do not want Mcafee or google tool bar etc. Please correct this as it's annoying!!

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          swampscott26 Level 1

          I agree. This is totally apalling. And it's not that Adobe software for many of us is some kind of shareware/freeware that would justify including some junk from mediocre products such as McAfee scanners and useless toolbars. This needs to stop. It's unprofessional and stupid. I spend an entire afternoon yesterday of my expensive time fixing a PC where somebody had accidentally installed the McAfee scanner bloatware during some "upgrade". It wreaked havoc in that setting. We shoould make sure that our complaints go viral. I'm due for some Adobe upgrades that will cost me several hundreds of dollars. I'll certainly check what alternatives I may have. Some of the other stuff is certainly improving...

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            Pidoh02082008 Level 1

            I also agree. I don't know how Adobe thinks this is a good idea.  It creates a negative experience with their products.

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