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    5 New Features that Edge Animate should support

    Russell Perkins

      I have 5 requests for a future release of Edge Animate:


      01. Allow us to import entire Photoshop files with the individual layers intact and "stacked" correctly in Edge to speed up production


      02. Support Z depth layer transform for 3D projection and 2.5D animation purposes


      03. Include dynamic filters such as lens blur, glow, and other After Effects type filters that the user can apply to any given layer in Edge...also make the filter properties animatable


      04. Be able to directly import .MOV, H.264, .FLV, and .WMV video files instead of writing code that references a video from a different location


      05. Support dynamic masking in Edge for any given layer and make the masking properties animatable




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          Coreydwillis Level 1

          1. I agree, that would be useful.


          2. You have to consider what HTML/Java is capable of right now. I don't think that's really possible.


          3. Dynamic filters would be too processor intensive and would run very slowly on mobile devices. The idea is that you develop it once for all platforms and this would basically would ruin any chances of it running smoothly everywhere.


          4. Agree 100%. This wouldn't even be that hard, at least for H.264.


          5. Again, this sort of feature would be too processor intensive.

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            Russell Perkins Level 1

            2. Bummer.  Figuring out a way to support Z depth would be sexy as hell.


            3. While dynamic filters would be too intense for mobile platforms, they could most certainly perform just fine on desktop / laptop platforms - the mobile versions are the "diet coke"


            5.  Really?  I wouldn't think that dynamic masking would be that processor intensive, but then again, my experience stems from mainly Silverlight and Flash.

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              Jerry Witt Level 2

              For 3 and 5 the limitation isn't really the cpu. The limitation is the spec. Edge Animate is attempting to work within the HTML5, CSS3 and javascript specifications. That way when you create an edge animation it should play nicely across all modern browsers. One of the great things about using a plug-in like Flash is that any of that missing code sould be provided by the plug-in and we weren't limited by waiting for the browser to support it.


              That said, I keep seeing more and more amaziing things done with javascipt. And there is already some limited filter support svg images (on some browsers) So maybe soft, feathered masks, blurs,  glows, and ink effects (add, lighten, multiply) will arrive sooner rather than later.