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    How to burn a AVCHD Disc




      i have saved my rendered Project into a folder on my HDD. I have used the settings DISC --> AVCHD --> Folder 8,5GB --> Foldername --> Folderposition on my HDD.


      Now i have the Folder on my HDD.


      But how can i burn it onto a Double Layer Disc?


      I use a MAC.


      Is it correct when i go into my Folder e.g. Movie --> Holiday 2012 and burn this folder on a Disc. Or must i go a little bit deeper in the Folder an Burn the next file(s) on a disc? The next File is called BDMV.


      I hope you understod my question.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If you were on a PC, I would recommend the great, free burning utility, ImgBurn, to do the physical burning of the folder, it's only available for Windows, Wine and Linux. I see nothing about Mac (thought that they had gone X-platform, but apparently not).


          Now, I hear a lot about a program, Toast, on the Mac side-of-the-street, but know nothing about it. I think that it is a commercial burning program, but they may have a free version too? There are probably free Mac burning utilities out there, but being a PC-only guy, I do not stay current on such.


          You might need to do some searching on the Internet, or wait until a Mac-user can step in and give you recs. I'd do some Googling for you, but as I know zero about Mac, would be afraid that I'd just be giving you unnecessary, or useless links.


          Good luck,



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            whsprague Adobe Community Professional

            With versions 10 and 11 on  PC, it is built in as an output choice under "Disk" along with DVD and Blu-Ray.  You do it directly from an open project.  I have a laptop with a standard DVD burner/player and I know it works with single layer DVDs that play in my Blu-Ray player.


            Does the Mac version not have that?