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    Does Premiere play the original sound file or the CFA file?


      This question is super basic, but I can't find a clear answer in any of my searches on Google.


      I moved all my sound files to an SSD, which can feed out the data very quickly. I have my media cache, along with all of the CFA files that Premiere creates, on a separate drive, a WD Blue. When I put an audio file in my timeline and then listen to it, is the data being delivered to me from the original audio file on the SSD, or am I hearning the CFA file that's on my WD Blue drive, in the media cache?


      The reason I ask is that I'm trying to put my assets all on different drives, for example, footage on one drive, music on another, media cache on another drive, etc... so as to avoid any bottlenecks. However, if the audio is coming from the media cache, and not from the original file, then when I'm editing my SSD is doing nothing and all the work is being put on the WD Blue drive, which is something I wanted to avoid if possible...


      Thanks in advance for any clarification that can be provided on this issue...