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    FLEX ReferenceError in SystemManager at startup?


      So I am having a strange error this morning.  My Adobe FLEX app was compiling just fine on Friday, but now today whenever I attempt to debug or run it, I am getting this runtime error right at the very beginning:



          ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::topMostIndex not found on _Main_mx_managers_SystemManager and there is no default value.

          at mx.managers::SystemChildrenList/addChild()[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\framework\src\m x\managers\SystemChildrenList.as:128]

          at mx.managers::SystemManager/http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::initialize()[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\framework\src\mx\managers\SystemManager.as:2014]

          at mx.managers::SystemManager/initHandler()[E:\dev\4.y\frameworks\projects\framework\src\mx\ managers\SystemManager.as:2582]


      That is the only trace that comes out with it, so it looks to me like it's something built into FLEX and not my code that may be hiccuping.  I've had strange errors before that a Clean was able to solve, but I have attempted to clean and rebuild my debug version but I am still getting this error.  I restarted Flash Builder, and even restarted my computer - no dice.  Even when I export a release build, my firefox flash debugger catches the same error.  Existing copies on my app on the web seem unaffected.  I reinstalled my flash content debugger for netscape (I use firefox as my main browser) and no go.  I don't even think an update was automatically installed for flash as I have it notify me rather than just do it (even double checked those settings).


      Short of just reinstalling flash or flash builder I am not sure what to do.  Any suggestions?  I am at a loss for what this error means or how to fix it.  I am not even ruling out the possibility that I messed something up in my code, but I have no idea where to look as the stack trace only has 3 lines - and none of which is my code.


      Thanks in advance for your help!


      EDIT:  I want to add, that when I dismiss the error, my app continues to run seemingly normally.