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      The last time I downloaded the update to the Flash player it changed the location of my X, Y & Z memory cards.  What can I do?

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          What is your operating system & version?


          What is your web browser?


          Sorry, I do not understand "location of my X, Y & Z memory cards".



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            I have Windows Vista Home Premium and use Windows Internet Explorer version 8.  When I tried version 9 it messed up some of my interfaces so I went back to 8.  The problem happened on my HP desktop computer after I downloaded the next to last revision of Adobe Flash Player.  The computer rebooted and then said that Network Memory Cards X, Y & Z were no longer at that location.  They still show in my "


            Computer" screen under Networks.  It doesn't seem to be affecting anything on my computer.  I cannot open them because it says are not at that location. 



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