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    Video shaking in Encore CS 5


      I'm trying to burn my film to DVD via Encore, but it seems no matter what I do, the final result is shaky video (both in Encore's DVD preview and on the actual disc itself if I burn it). It basically looks like the video is constantly shifting ever so slightly up and down.


      I have tried using dynamic link to send the sequence directly to Encore, and I have also tried exporting as MPEG-2 DVD with field set to "none" (the source is 1920x1080 25p video). The shaking doesn't occur if I just play that MPEG-2 file directly in VLC, or in any other type of file I've ever exported, but I have never managed to get an Encore project not to shake. I'm guessing it has something to do with the settings I have in Encore somewhere, but the project settings for a DVD don't really allow me to change anything, and I'm not sure where else the issue might be.