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    Adobe Edge Animate 1.0 comp works on Safari/Chrome but not on other browsers


      Hi there,


      I've created this YouTube carousel website: www.isabellaferraro.com using Adobe Edge Animate 1.0

      It works as intended on Chrome and Safari, but it doesn't work as intended on Internet Explorer and Firefox and Opera.


      The intended functionality is for a YouTube carousel to be made and when you click on the left and right pictures the carousel rotates and a new video is brought to the front.


      Chrome: Works as intended


      Safari: Works as intended (Great on an iPad, even autoplays my little signature banner which took awhile how to sort out on iOS hint: Videos won't autoplay but animated GIFs do)


      Internet Explorer: Side pictures do not show up, and thus there is nothing to click on. Also it zooms in to full screen width, which is fine, but only mentioning it because it might be related since I do a lot of picture positioning to get things where they need to be.


      Firefox: None of the carousel elements appear, including the Video player, the side pics, and the overlay pics I use for a hand made implementation of double buffering.


      Opera: Same behavior as IE, side frames don't appear, however it doesn't zoom in to max width.


      I don't have the slightest idea how to approach what might be the problem since I'm a novice 'developer' (I put it in quotes because I'm embarassed to even use the word considering how newbie I am).


      Can anyone help? Should I make the project directory available somewhere?


      Incidentally, problems like this totally stall me out and if anyone out there is really good at edge and web development I could really use a fast question/answer mentorship to help me learn web development and would be happy to pay a consulting fee for it. Lmk! indigoae@gmail.com