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    Photos blurry


      Would Photoshop correct photos that are blurry? I have a bunch of photos from my wedding reception that came out pretty bad and I'd like to get them corrected. I don't have Photoshop but will purchase if anyone knows for sure that it can correct these photos? I've attached a few as examples of what they look like now.

      Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!! :-)

      786 (2).jpg782.jpg

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          There's not really going to be a magic fix for these, I don't think, though if you have the time and are willing to spend the elbow grease they can probably be incrementally improved.


          Do you understand what happened?  It looks to me as though you had the camera set on a mode (e.g., Av on a Canon while using flash) where it was trying to balance the ambient light with the flash light, and since the room lighting was rather dim, photographically speaking, the shutter was held open for a long time - e.g., a second or more.



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            Emms12 Level 1

            Well, these photo’s came from the photographer that we hired! So I don’t know what the setting was on the camera. The outdoor daytime photos were awesome...these, not so much! I’m not sure what else to do! Most of the other reception photos are more acceptable than these but are a little blurred but without the yellow/orangy color from movement.



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              Lundberg02 Level 3

              If you are on Windows, you could buy Photoshop Elements and buy a plugin called Focus Magic( they do not yet have it for Mac Lion and up).  On a Mac, Photoshop Elements and Topaz ( just the focus plugin).   150 bucks either way.

              Maybe some one herte would do it for you if it's just those two shots. You would need to provide the full res versions.

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                Emms12 Level 1

                These 2 photos are the worst ones. I have 1 or 2 more like this and a handful that are just blurry.  I have a few that need an object removed. It was part of the glass centerpiece that is fully blocking someones face.

                I can provide full res copies of the photos and would pay a reasonable amount to have these done.



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                  conroy Level 5

                  An option is to download a free 30-day trial of Photoshop and/or Photoshop Elements. They are fully functional, including saving. You might get hooked, though, and feel compelled to buy a licence or sign up for a monthly subscription.

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                    Emms12 Level 1

                    I emailed Adobe Photoshop through Facebook asking for options to correct these photos, they suggested I download the free trial for Photoshop CS6 to give it a try but is it user friendly for someone that doesn't know how to do this very well? It could take me 30 days to figure out how to correct just 1 of the photos!


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                      conroy Level 5

                      I can't comment on Elements because I've never used it. However, the full Photoshop is aimed at professionals in the photography and graphics industries, so the learning curve could be steep if you've no previous experience with image editing.  I've never heard it described as "user friendly". Don't let that dissuade you. You may enjoy the learning process and discover a new hobby.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        While there ARE some differences between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, the main functions are very similar, and as Elements is targeted to the consumer market, there are more "big button" operations, that require less knowledge to do a passable job. As mentioned, PS (the big-brother), is targeted to the professional crowd, so much more is done "by hand." Fewer "big buttons."


                        I would post to the Photoshop Elements Forum (I would not Move the thread, as there might be more input from the folk here, that will help you), and tell them exactly what you need to do (like removing that object in one Image). They can then tell you how easy it would be in that program, and might have some thoughts on other useful plug-ins. I was thinking of that Focus Magic, but you have already gotten a rec. for it.


                        For one never having used an Image Manipulation program, I think that PS Elements would be a better starting point.


                        Good luck,




                        PS - as stated, the camera's shutter was open too long, and both some camera and subject movement were recorded.

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                          Curt Y Level 7

                          If you paid money for these photos it should be on the photographer to do what it takes to correct his errors.  Have you contacted him?