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    Action to save file Overwrites existing file


      Hello All,


      I did a search around, and did not find the answer.  Basically I have attempted to create an action

      in Photoshop CS6 which will save a file in the tiff format after i crop the image.  I want the file name to be

      the name of the image (which is supposed to change depending on name of the image) like this:

      1280x720_MGXXX.tiff, where, in my case the XXX represents DIFFERENT NUMBERS.


      I want to apply the action to one image at a time. Each image has a different number (name).


      I record the action, add the 1280x720 text to the image name in the Save dialog.  I am saving the image in

      a different folder from the source file.  The source file name is _MGXXXX.tiff (again XXXX is a number like 2220...).


      When I run the action on a file, say "_MG2221.tiff" it adds the 1280x720, and saves the file.  When I apply the action on the

      next file (_MG2222.tif), the action overwrites the existing file, 1280x720_MG2221.tif, with the image.  The action always uses the

      name I entered in the Save dialog!!  I think I was able to do this in CS4 and CS5.  What am  I missing here?


      I want to be able to open a file, crop and adjust it, and then save in a diff location with 1280x720 prepended to the file name.