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    Lagging playback.. overall pretty slow performance??


      I recently switched from FCP7 to Premiere Pro CS6. I noticed immediately that performance in CS6 is much slower than I'm used to in FCP7 and I'm not sure what exactly is causing the slow down. It could very well be that I'm editing native DSLR footage in CS6 where as with FCP7 I was working with transcoded footage. The main issue is just that the footage is lagging. Lagging with playback, and lagging when scrubbing through the footage. This occurs even when I have the playback resolution set to 1/4. I've noticed that when my laptop is freshly booted, the performance in Premiere is pretty good and responsive. After about 30 minutes of work though, it starts to get bogged down and that's generally when everything starts lagging, and also the rest of my programs - internet and such - are really slow as well. It's like the whole system becomes bogged down.


      Here are the specs of my setup:

      -Macbook Pro 2011 running version 10.7.5

      -8 GB RAM

      -2.3 GHz Intel Core i7

      -AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB

      -Editing off of a 2TB 5400 RPM SATA drive through Firewire 800


      Other specifics to note:

      -Mercury Playback Engine (Open CL) is engaged

      -Sequence setting match the footage I'm working with

      -RAM distribution is set to 5GB for Premiere, nad 3GB for everything else.

      -The footage I'm working with is 24fps 1080p DSLR footage. Not using too many heavy effects aside from some basic color correction. And often times layering clips in 2 or 3 layers on the timeline.

      -I've tried editing with a 1TB 7200 RPM drive, and performance issues are not much better.


      As I said, with CS6 I'm trying to take advantage of the native editing capabilities, so I'm trying to avoid transcoding if possible. If transcoding is going to be my best bet though, I'll just have to do that. But wondering if there's something else I can try to get things to speed up. I've had people suggest to me that a Thunderbolt RAID setup is probably my best bet, but I can't imagine that one would have to spend that much money to get CS6 to perform at a workable level. So that is not an option for me at this point due to financial reasons. Although if drive setup is the issue, I have about $200 to work with to upgrade my drive setup (if maybe a solid state drive would help or something like that)


      Any help would be appreciated!