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    how to diagnose Acrobat problem

    FieryPantone Level 3

      I've inherited/taken over my precursor's PC, which has FM 10 and CS 5.5 on. So far so good, but it didn't take long to hit a problem: Save as .pdf doesn't work :-{ I just get a couple of seconds' busy cursor, then a sort of bounce as though the entire screen is being redrawn, and that's it. No message, no log and no .pdf output.


      This is the only FM installation in a fairly large company, and it must have been installed by ICT because it's on a closed PC. I'd like to gather as much background information as I can before contacting them.


      Windows 7.0, as far as I know; FrameMaker – just let me know if there's any more information you need.


      Thanks in advance!

      Niels Grundtvig Nielsen

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          Reviewer1066 Level 4



          Try printing to the Adobe PDF printer to make your PDF, instead of saving as PDF. In the past, there have been problems with saving to PDF.



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            FieryPantone Level 3

            Thanks for the reminder, Van. Alas and unfortunately, print to PDF doesn't seem to help. First there was the "document fonts" prompt, which hid itself behind other open windows and just locked up FrameMaker. Once I'd discovered that, I get a .ps file that's all of 0k. What should I check next? Oh, and the context menu does at least offer me Distiller X as an option for opening the .psd file

            (just in brackets, don't you think it's about time Save as PDF simply worked? mind you, I've never had problems with it on the 7.0 and 9.0 installations I still run at home)

            Looking hopefully forward to more advice


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              If you are referring to the missing fonts issues, open all the files in the book, and then print the book to Adobe PDF.


              Unclear about your context menu comment, but psd is the extension for a Photoshop file.


              I am using version 9 and have never used save as PDF. I am not sure, but I believe the issue has been resolved in version 11 with some updates.



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                FieryPantone Level 3

                Sorry for the condensed and misleading reply: the fonts question was Acrobat saying "uncheck Rely on system fonts only", and .psd should of course have been .ps  I think I used the Print to PDF route with 5.5, and can't now remember whether I did anything special to make Save as PDF work in 7.0 and 9.0 :-{ I'll just have to smile brightly and refer the question to ICT …

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                  SO, did you uncheck Rely on system fonts only? I thought it was the other way round, namely to CHECK Relay on systems fonts only. In fact, the option is CHECKED in my setup; I just checked, no pun intended.

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                    FieryPantone Level 3

                    I'll let you know what happens when I go to my new manager and say "thanks for employing me! by the way, you'll need to upgrade to FM 11 because (last time round) Adobe sold you something that doesn't work …"

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                      Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                      The SaveAsPDF has been working reasonably reliably in the last releases provided everything is installed correctly and the proper options are enabled.


                      First, make certain that the Adobe PDF printer instance is the deafult in the FM session (use the SetPrint utility to ensure that it is).


                      If you already had Acrobat installed prior to installing FM, then the default FM instalation also installs the PDFCreator add-on (you have to manually deselect it - very bad design on Adobe's part), which will hose the Acrobat installation. Try running the Repair option (under Help menu) in Acrobat. If that doesn't work, you may have to go through a re-install cycle.


                      I also keep running into the "rely on system fonts" error message every so often. It seems like any Acrobat update that comes out resets the defaults the wrong way.