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    Exported video file does not match audio file in length?

    Gosport James Level 1

      I'm back with the same problem.


      Here are the specs for this project:

      Premiere Pro 5

      Footage shot in HDV 1080i (Sony FX1)

      Edited Timeline length...52:25

      Destination: Blu-ray disc


      I have tried both formats in the AME...MPEG2 Blu-ray and H.264 Blu-ray

      I have tried every combination of Presets within these two formats...Match Attributes, 1440x1080i, HDTV....etc, etc, etc

      The machine is spending anywhere from 7 hours to 27 hours to encode these files.


      When I open the two files after the operation has finished, I find I have an audio file 52:25 in length and a video file 43:34, no matter what format or preset I have chosen!


      Upon playback, you can imagine the frustration...within the first two minutes the two are out of sync.


      What am I doing wrong here.

      This is my first sortie into the HD world of Adobe. I've been doing  Adobe Premiere SD for 10 years...and my deadline for the closed captioning is coming way too soon.

      I appreciate any help you might offer.