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      i wish to download and install updates, however I do not wish to have googlo or chrome installed and see no way to keep that from happening---i have installed updates in past including google toolbar and chrome and it screwed up my ie --even after un installing istill had problems   WHAT THE HELL???


          During the installation process you must have overlooked a tiny little  box that is checked by default saying "Do you want to install Google/Norton/McAffee/Whatever Toolbar"  (has happend to me twice, now I know where to look). The font is really small and easy to overlook. e.g. when updating Flash or Shockwave it is almost always there right under the "install" button for the update.

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            I agree... the harder I try to get rid of all things Google... the harder it gets because of intrusions like this.  Why is Google bundled with Flash player to begin with?  It should not be in the fine print, it needs to be out in the open.  ...Get a clue Adobe!!  The way to keep customers is not to annoy them.

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              JP Woodstock

              I'm having the same problem.  There was no box or choice this time.  It just starts updating with the Google Toolbar and something else.  I quickly stopped the update.  Tried three times, keeps doing the same.

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                JP Woodstock Level 1

                BTW, the update was one that popped up on my computer, pushed from Adobe; it was not done on the website as a download.  I just updated from the Adobe website and I did have choice whether to install Chrome and Google toolbar.  Maybe this will help you troubleshoot what's going on.