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    Blueprint Rollout Configuration




      I have a question regarding the Blueprint Rollout Configurations. I have created a Blueprint from which I have made a live copy. The Rollout Config is set to "Activate on Blueprint Activation". When looking at the live copy pages in the Blueprint Control Center, I can see that its Blueprint page has been modified (yellow icon).  When I activate the Blueprint page, the yellow icon turns green (legend: "live copy is up-to-date with its BLueprint page"). Unfortunately, the pages are not the same. The live copy is still the "old" version, despite the activation of the Blueprint and the green icon in the Blueprint Control Center.


      Am I doing something wrong here?


      Thanks for your help!


      --> I found the answer to my problem. Instead of creating the live copy with New -> New Site..., I created it with New -> New Live Copy. If the first way is used, the activate on blueprint activation function works.