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    Captivate Alt-Key Freeze bug


      I have read other posts on this question. 


      When using Captivate 5.5 or Captivate 6 on Windows 7-64, and recording AI CS5.5, AI CS6, PS CS5.5, and PS CS6 I get a "freeze" whenever I hold the ALT-key.  (Which is very often)  It occurs under any video circumstance, FMR, Demo etc.


      This happens on mutliple machines.  I have a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, but this happens regardless of whether it is plugged in or not/services are running.  (I had thought maybe it was an issue with the Wacom)


      I have seen that others have reported this, but does anyone have a workaround?



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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi Jim,


          I did the same and it worked out fine for me.


          Can you tell me are you recording any project which is palced on network, or is there any network drive connected to your machine? If yes, can you disconncet that.


          Try clearing up you Captivate's cache files and temp files form your machine and then re-record your simulation.


          If it still happens, please share us your system specification?




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            jwilley2011 Level 1

            I am sorry for the delay in responding.  Thank you for your response. 

            I work in both situations, where there is a network drive, and where there is not.  The issue exists in either situation.  I moved the cache to a different drive - still froze.  I moved it to a different folder on C drive and it still froze.

            The drive is 0% fragmented.

            The drive has 45gb free space.

            I removed Temp files and did a CCleaner to remove other temp files.

            In FMR, the problem persisted.

            The first time I used the recorder in Auto Mode, I was able to make a simple Alt-Drag copy of an object on the artboard.  However, when I tried to move a second object, the pause/freeze happened again. 

            I just don't get it.  A cheap screen recorder (Screen Recording Suite from Aipowersoft) works perfectly.  It's editing tools don't work as well, but at least I can get a smooth screencast.


            Thoughts?  Is their a command line to create a debug log?



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              jwilley2011 Level 1

              You asked for my specs. 

              I was running the trial of Captivate 6 on my main PC, a

              Core i 960 24GB RAM Win7 Pro 64-bit SP1

              AMD Radeon 6750 video card CCC Version 12.2


              I have the retail version of Captivate 5.5 on my Laptop,

              Dell Precision Core 2 Extreme 16GB RAM Win7 Pro 64-bit SP1

              nvidia Quadro Pro 2700m v. 280.26  512MB GDDR3 VRAM


              I performed the above troubleshooting on my laptop.

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                jwilley2011 Level 1

                When I attempt to alt-mouse click in illustrator cs5.1/CC while recording with Captivate 5.5 or 6, the screen freezes.  The very first time I ran captivate, it had no problems (I have posted a bunch on this subject).  I have a new computer again (Dell Latitude E6520, 8 GB RAM, WIN 7 64 pro, intel HD3000 and nVidia nvs 4200M)

                I tried deleting the cache, resetting preferences with no luck.

                Has this been fixed in any way?  I just don't know why this bug is so rare when I have it on every installation I have tried on 4 different machines.

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                  Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee



                  Can you please drop an email to tcssup@adobe.com along with your contact information. We will contact you discuss this issue further.




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                    jwilley2011 Level 1

                    I emailed tccsup@adobe.com on 8/19.  I hadn't received any response as of 8/27, so I sent a second email today.  Hopefully, they can help.

                    Thanks for helping Anjaneai.



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                      jamaicak21024237 Level 1

                      I have this problem right now with Captivate 9 here in 12-2015. Why is this still an issue?