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    Export time in Premiere/ME 130+ hours

    shaiblue Level 1

      Adobe Premiere 6.0.0 and Media Encoder on Mac 10.6.8 using SSD drive for progams and OWC harddrive for projects/files.

      I am working on CS6 CC, I finished a 20 minute edit. It has minor levels/3 way color, some warp stabilizer--but nothing external as of yet. I have about 5 video tracks and 10 audio tracks. This is my first export since upgrading to CS6--I am trying to export a h.264 HD vimeo file (tried both 720 and 1080).

      My issue is that when I export either from premiere pro or from media encoder, the export time starts at about 2 and a half hours at first then slowly counts up instead of counting down. It has reached up to 130 hours (after exporting for 30 hours) before I stopped it to try a lower quality. I have been trying to export this project for four days. It seems that all three times I tried in media encoder, the time is still adding but the output preview is stuck on one frame (which was a different frame in each export).


      I would say that I do not have the fastest and most upgraded computer, but I know that it worked fine before with CS5.