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    Premiere Pro CS6 timeline output to TV screen


      I am using a nvidea GTX 570 video card which gives me two DVI outputs to my two 22" monitors.  I would like to have the video from timeline to show on a 50" LCD TV.  Could I add an inexpensive video card with HDMI output to accomplish this while still using my GTX 570 with my two monitors?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Yes, there are some posts from people who have done that, for instance with a combination of 570 and 520 cards. Do a search here. Important is to use two video cards that use the same driver. The alternative is to trade in the 570 and get a 660 Ti or better, because, depending on your mobo, adding a second video card can in some instances cause a 15% performance degradation, like on 1155 platforms.