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    How do I create a global text field so the value will repeat on other pages?

    domerdel Level 1

      This is the first time I've used Adobe Livecycle Designer ES2, My experience stems from Acrobat Pro 8. I have the following fields:


      1. Date Field (date formatted)

      2. Name (text formatted)

      3. Chart # (numeric formatted)

      4. Date of Birth (date formatted)


      These fields will be on Page 1.. I have a form that's 4 pages.... once the user fills in the fields on the first page, I want it to automatically populate for pages 2 through 4. How can I make this possible?


      Second question: How do I make Extended Features for reader without distributing the form? There's an easy way to do it in Acrobat Pro, just not sure how in Livecycle Designer ES2