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    Printing to Tape (Quality Loss/Soft Focus) - CS5.5

    Jax24135 Level 3

      Hi all,


      My client wants to archive old educational programs, so I'm printing to tape a lot. When I print to tape through my firewire it looks like I am dubbing using a composite connection.


      My original footage is HDV and I typically scale down the original footage 45% to make the footage fit SD Broadcast. When I watch the footage on my computer, the footage looks fine, but when I print to tape there's a significant quality loss.


      Has anyone else noticed a quality loss when printing to tape? I've tried tweaking the field dominance & the fielding options without any luck. The only thing left to tweak is the Preview codec, but my timeline footage looks fine on my computer screen. It's just when I send it to tape that my footage looks "soft".


      Please help!


      - Jon


      PC - Dell Precision T7400 - Windows 7 OS (64-bit)


      Premiere Pro CS 5.5


      HDV Deck - Sony HVR-H35U

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          josephs51576386 Level 3

          Have you checked to make sure max render quality is enabled? When scaling you can sometimes lose quality if this option isn't enabled.


          However back when I was still using DVC-PRO and Mini-DV I always noticed a slight drop in quality whenever I output to these formats. I always assumed it was due to the fact that these formats are essentially compresssing your content. DV is a lossy format.