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    Motion tween'ed object will move on its own and won't stay in one place


      I am trying to use flash to illustrate how to properly attack a base. I have two black dots that I'm animating and moving across a map that serves as the background. My goal is for one dot to move for 20 frames from one position to another and then wait as the other dot gets into position. However, sometimes when I place a keyframe so that a dot is supposed to stay put for 20 frames, it won't, instead it will double back on its self and simply try to repeat its previous movement instead of standing still. Does anyone know what is going on? I've included a video that illustrates my problem. Thank you very much.


      (the left dot is supposed to move while the right dots stands still. however when I place a keyframe it suddenly decides it wants to move on its own)



      PS: I have to place the keyframe there because the dots move for 20 frames, then wait 20 frames, and then move again, the keyframes are to mark when they start and stop moving.