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    Batch action takes over my desktop - can I stop it?


      I've created an action that I use in batch in PS CS5 - which uses basic PS stuff like curves, etc and then uses some steps from Color Effects Pro 4 from Nik Software.  I usually start the process from the Autmate window and the minimize PS while I open Firefox or something else and do other things while the batch is takign place.  Since I have added this new step from Color Effects - when the process gets to that point, the PS window maximizes, making PS and its windows active again, like I clicked on them.  To clarify, the part that Color Effects plays, requires no input from me.  I have a feeling because its a third party add-on to PS, that some how the program becomes "active" when this happens, bringing it to the front of my desktop. 


      Actions that I have created that use only the mechanics of PS and nothing outside of this, never do this.  However, they will bring each file they are working on, active to the desktop, even though PS is minimized.  They do not, however, take control of the Desktop and make the file the active window I'm looking at.


      I'm also in the Standard Screen Mode for PS and I do not use window/document docking as I prefer to have floating windows while in PS.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          In a word, no.  Generally speaking if you've got Photoshop doing things you really don't want to be doing other things anyway.


          Why?  Here's one reason:  If you happen to be typing and hold down a modifier key - e.g. the Shift key - it can and will affect Photoshop operations running in batch, just as though you were using the modifier key interactively.  Thing is, you might not notice that it's botched up an image.


          Sorry to say if you're going to set Photoshop off on an automate task you kind of just need to let it work, so the pretense of your question needs to be re-examined.