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    windows 8


      eBay requires flash to upload images for items to sell, but when clicking to download flash, it gives me a window with other instructions that I have no idea as to making it work, we are not all compurter savy, so better help on making it work would be great. It looks like all issues are that windows 8 is not designed for computers and links like yours don't work either. let me know what to do

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          pwillener Level 8

          What browser do you use - Internet Explorer 10?


          IE10 has Flash Player preinstalled; you don't need to (and cannot) install Flash Player.


          I do not have Windows 8, but I am told that IE10 must be started from the desktop in order to use Flash.



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            hinkelmannd Level 1

            Hi Pat, windows 8 is a new breed, it is a new lesson form being used to windows 7 and back, explorer always had the same look and feel and comands, right clicjk or left click, those clicks don't exist anymore, I have no clue anymore what explorer version windows 8 uses, it does not have the bar across the top anymore, so no properties to click to see what the ver is, so is like learning computer again.


            My issue is eBay when selling, it no longer have that look of comands, it notes to install flash, but flash will not install.


            If you have used ebay, try to create a sell, in picture upload, click upload and see if you get same message, no need to sell but to go through the steps.


            I don't know what to do, but hope you undersytand my mixed emotions explanations, I'm no young kid and computer savy but have embeded all the old windows 7 knowledge, but it is now gone....


            Let me know,