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    Multi Cam Audio

    dkardell Level 1

      I have 3 camera angles that I'm using in a MultiCam.  Camera 1 was the center camera and it has Left and Right Audio.  Left was vocals, and Right was soundtrack.  Camera 2 and 3 where close up cameras and just used the built in mic for ambiance and sync.  I want to get a multi cam seq that has all 3 video feeds, the Left and Right Tracks from Cam 1 as separate audio tracks and either Cam 2 or Cam 3 as an audio track for low level audience clapping and such.  I can get the video to work just fine.  How do I go about "breaking out" audio from Multicam?  Can it be done?    

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The way to get what you want here is go ahead and cut with what you have.  Once that's finished, nest the original sequence into the multicam sequence a second time on track 2, then delete the video from track 2 and the audio from track 1.  This leaves you with cut video and in tact audio.  Next, go into the original sequence and duplicate the audio from camera 1.  Add the Fill Left effect to one and Fill Right to the other.

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            dkardell Level 1

            Hey Jim, what "net the original sequence" are you refering to ?  So this is where I am.  Multicam with Cam1, 2 and 3 in it.  The audio appears to be be one track in the timeline.  Can you expand upon your "nesting" idea?




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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Nesting is adding one sequence to another sequence as if it were a clip.  It's how you got to multicam in the first place.  You put all your clips in an original sequence, then est that into a second 'multicam' sequence, right click and choose Enable Multicam.


              So...once you're done cutting, nest the original a second time, and go from there.