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    Playback is no more working after switching to other application

    Jaroslav Moravec



      I am running Premiere CS6.02 and the playback works flawlessly until I switch to other application. When I switch back to Premiere the video cannot be previewed at all. Hitting spacebar will change the play symbol to stop symbol and that's it.


      I have tried many solutions proposed in other forums:


      deleting com.apple.audio.AggregateDevices.plist - it is not located on my computer

      repairing permissions

      saving project file elsewhere

      saving media cache elsewhere

      logging in under different profile, then logging back to admin

      reinstalling whole CS6 package

      restarting computer


      None of it works. It is probably connected to audio drivers - if I change in Audio Hardware selected output, then Premiere will let me playback files until I switch windows again.


      Any suggestions? I just spent 6 hours trying to fix it.



      Macbook Pro 15 2011 Lion


      16GB RAM

      SSD main drive

      HDD as a second drive