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    How to add people to images

    janelle_f Adobe Employee

      How to add people to images in Photoshop Touch


      Combine separate photos of people to make it appear as though they were together when the image was shot.


      1. After selecting the "Add People to Images" tutorial, select Begin Tutorial to start. Tap on the top layer with the woman and the child.




      2. Choose the Scribble Selection Tool.




      3.  Tap the Keep option under the tool. Paint along the edges of the woman and child.

      Tip: When using the Scribble Selection tool, paint near the edges of the shapes you want to keep or remove. Once you have indicated both what you want to keep and remove, a selection is created. You can continue to refine the selection by using the Scribble Selection tool in either Keep and Remove modes.




      4. Tap the Remove option and paint near the outer edges of  the woman and child to deselect the trees.




      5. Continue to Refine the selection by using the Scribble Selection tool in either Keep or Remove mode.




      6. In the top option bar, tap Select > Feather




      7. Set the Radius to 3 px. Tap OK.




      8. Tap Edit > Extract to isolate the woman and child from the background.




      9. Tap Select > Deselect. Tap the background layer to activate it.




      10. Tap Effects > Basic > Gaussian Blur.




      11. Set a value of 6 and tap OK.




      12. Tap the back arrow in the top options bar. This will prompt you to save. Press Save to save your project.




      Please download the attached PDF for this tutorial in print format.