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    How to achieve a Antique Photo Look

    janelle_f Adobe Employee

      How to achieve a Antique Photo Look with Photoshop Touch. 

      Apply a sepia tone and a few other effects to make your photo look like it was created 100 years ago. 

      To Begin: After selecting the "Antique Photos" tutorial, select "Begin Tutorial" to Start.


      1. Choose Effects > Photo > Sunny Afternoon


      2. Change the intensity to about 50% and tap OK. 

      Tip: To enter the percentage by number instead of using the slider, tap the value field to open the keypad editor. 


      3. Choose Effects > Photo > Old Sepia


      4. Change Saturation to about 80% and Intensity to about 90%. Tap OK. 


      5. Choose Adjustments > Levels


      6. Drag the circular points of the upper slider to the mid tones. Tap OK. 

      Tip: Use Levels to adjust the shadows, mid tones, and highlights. Drag the left point on the slider to adjust the shadows. Drag the right point of the slider to adjust the highlights. Dragging the center point on the slider will adjust the mid tones. 


      7. Tap the back arrow in the top options bar. This will prompt you to save. Press Save to save your project. 


      Download the attached file to view it in a PDF form.