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    Stacking Template Images


      Using Photoshop CS6, I am trying to insert two same size images into a predesigned template. I can insert the first image just fine. However,when I try to add the second image below the first one, the template rejects the second image and just leaves a blank space. Suggestions seriously welcome.

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          sudarshan.t Level 6

          We need to see your predesigned template to see why its 'rejecting' the 2nd image.


          It may be possibly due to a clipping mask or a layer mask?


          Can you take a screenshot of the layers panel and post it here for us to review?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            It's doubtful that PS "rejects" your image. If at all, you would get warnings liek e.g. about color space mismatches or differences in color profiles. It's more likely that there is a specific masking or blending technique involved and that fails if more than 2 images are adeded to the stack... As Sudarshan said, screenshots tell a lot...