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    How to replace colors

    janelle_f Adobe Employee

      How to replace colors in Photoshop Touch.

      Change the color of an object while retaining its texture, shading and detail.


      1. After selecting the "Replace Colors" tutorial, press "Begin Tutorial" to start. Tap the tool bar and scroll to the magic wand tool.




      2. Tap Tolerance. Increase tolerance to 70% to prevent edge artifacts.

      Tip: To type numbers instead of using a slider, tap the number field to display a number keypad. Enter the numbers and tap the checkmark to complete.




      3. Tap the red area of the sign to select it.




      4. Tap the Add to Selection icon. Tap the areas inside the "O" and the "P" to add them to the selection.




      5. Tap Adjustments > Color Balance.




      6. Enter Red= -100, Green= -100, Blue= 100. Tap OK.




      7. Tap Select > Deselect.




      8. Tap the back arrow in the top options bar. This will prompt you to save. Press Save to save your project.




      Please download the attachment to view in a PDF format.