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    dynamic link error message again?



      I am running Bridge CS6, somethimes with photoshop CS6.

      I am running mac OSX.6.8 (snow leopard).

      mac book pro


      I am getting the dynamic link error message again after not having the problem since CS6beta. It sometimes is only with mov or other movie files but sometimes it is with all.  It is also very slow and sluggish in general.

      When I click on a video files Bridge spins the wheel for a whlie and then gives me the below error message


      (in case the screen shot does not load)


      The error message reads

      "dynamiclinkserver has encountered an error"

      and then it reads off a file thread. and then I must click to continue


      Screen shot 2012-11-19 at 2.55.44 PM.pngI click to contiue. the message comes back. I click once more and the file then presents. I click to play the vid. the error message again comes back. And I must repeat the clicking twice. I have reset the preferences and purged the cashe. I have installed the patch I found in the forum too. thanks for any help you can render, Uhane

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          uhanepono Level 1

          Hi Agina. I am still having the same problem and now both Photoshop cs6 and bridge are super sluggish and "not responding and require force quits. The app is useless now!! All the cool toys and no way to use them again. I really do need help if there is anyone out there who can assist me. I can post mroe screen shots and give more details. thanks

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            uhanepono Level 1

            Ok new problem to ad to the others now. PSB thumbnails are not dislaying and bridge is now not even talking to photoshop either in the mini bridge nor the bridge app inself. I know there is a port issue I need to address as bridge needs an open port to communicate with phtotshop. can anyone tell me what to do to resolve that port issue?? I have no other internet issues.

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              uhanepono Level 1

              OK the problems are mounting up and the app is frozen on opening. force quit is the only way to get either app to respond. I tried a few things but they did not work . Do I need to reinstall the app??? Do I need to reset? I reset and that did not help. Something is very whrong but I am stumped.

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                uhanepono Level 1

                Now add background safe being disabled to the list.

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                  Curt Y Level 6

                  There are so many problems listed not sure where to start.


                  For the Dynamic Link see this http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1103539?tstart=0


                  You said you reset the preferences.  Is that by holding down CTRL and starting Bridge?  Did you choose all 3 options?


                  In Bridge click on edit/preferences/startup scripts.  Make sure there is at least a checkmark for Bridge and PS.

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                    uhanepono Level 1

                    Yes I did that while talking to tech support on the phone. They had given up and refered me to an upper tech support staff who was supposed to call me back but never did. Where is a link to this udate? It did not show up when I ran the updater.?!  As for permission listed as a culprit on the other thread you link to I have no such firewall or other software running. All the permissions have been set to my admin accnt which is the one and only accnt on this machine. I had NO problem since the beta version and then all of sudden it started again with the dynamic link fail with somoe files types in the last day or so. As for the other problems ... I honestly don't have a clue but assume they are all related to a single cause as they all showed up at the same time. I will reset once more. All start up scripts are checked. always have been. Can you tell me more about this update?? Is there a link? I will go fish...thanks for your help

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                      Curt Y Level 6

                      Afraid I am out of my element here as you are on Mac, and I know nothing about the dynamic link.  Might try the web to see if you can get some further info. 


                      If all else fails you might want to uninstall and run Adobe Script cleaner and then reinstall.

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                        uhanepono Level 1

                        Thans Curt, I wll try the script cleaner and reinstall again. It may simply be corrupt.