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    PE 11: crashes when loading a project / rendering




      I've been playing around a little with PE 11, and had several crashes and hangs for the last couple of hours:

      - hangs when rendering the timeline using the enter key

      - crashes when re-opening a project: Adobe Media Core CS6 has stopped working (Adobe QT32 Server.exe, QuickTime.qts

      - sometimes getting 'unknown error' when 'sharing' this project as a high quality i


      I can manage to re-open the project if i clean my rendered files and media cache, but it's extremely annoying.


      I believe it's related to one of the video i'm using, a prores APCN 1920x1080 29.97fps.

      I have no problems opening/viewing it using any tool on my computer, or by using the Organizer.


      If i rename the directory which contain this specific video, try to open the project and remap the missing file with a H264 version instead of prores, it crashes right away.


      The current virtual memory size and private bytes doesn't seem strange/excessive, and i'm also okay on the system commit charge.


      I'm running up to date PE 11, and re-installed latest Quicktime just to be on the safe side.

      I do not have any other memory/resources consuming software running in the background.


      My specs: Win7 ultimate 32bits completely up to date, 4gb, i7 940, GT 620


      Any idea what could be causing this?