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    Premiere Elements - Organizer Help/Question.


      I have another posting out here but maybe I am not being clear enough so I will pose the question another way.


      I have a .mp4 file which contains 60 short pieces (happens to be football highlights) all strung together as one contiguous video.


      What I am simply trying to do is to break it down for making a handful of highlight videos, each with a different angle. (ex Offense, Defense, Rushing, Passing, etc)


      This is the basic outline of how I logically see it happening.  Problem is that I am can't figure out step 2:


      1) Cut it down into 60 individual videos (which I did and currently have in my project) using the Split/Clip functions of Elements.

      2) Save the pieces off as individual video clips so that they can be rated/ranked/categorized in Organizer.

      3) Polish/edit the individual pieces.

      4) Organize and assemble the various videos using the clips.


      For the life of me I can't get


      a) Elements to allow me to save of my projects as individual clips.


      b) Get the Organizer to allow me to bring my clips in.


      I am using PE 11.


      Does this make sense?  Does anyone have any insight to offer?