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    Smooth Image Blending

    janelle_f Adobe Employee

      How to create a Smooth Image Blend with Photoshop Touch

      Combine two photos seamlessly using a gradient within the Add Fade feature. You control where the fade starts and stops.


      1. After selecting the "Add Dramatic Flare" tutorial, press "Begin Tutorial" to start. Tap the top layer and choose Add Fade from the & menu.




      2. Drag the top gradient handle down to the middle of the image.




      3. Tap the Edit Gradient button. Adjust the fade opacity by dragging the gradient stops. Tap OK.




      4. Select the background layer and choose Adjustment > Color Balance




      5. To match the top layer's light quality, increase the Red value by about 10%. Tap OK.




      6. Tap the back arrow in the top options bar. This will prompt you to save. Press Save to save your project.




      Download the attachment to view this tutorial in a PDF form.