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    Preserving CS help in a command-line compile of RH7

      We use a text file (cshelp.txt in our case) to hold the field-level help for a CHM file. If compiled using the RH7 GUI, it works fine. If compiled using rhcl.exe (the command-line compiler) it doesn't work. My decompile tests show that rhcl.exe is not picking up the text file.

      After numerous tests, I found a solution. Edit the rhmapfile.apj file to replace the like named .h file with the .txt file. When you add a .txt file as a map file in the GUI, RoboHelp creates an empty .h map file with the same name. In our case, we used cshelp.txt and RoboHelp created cshelp.h. So in the rhmapfile.apj file, I just changed cshelp.h to cshelp.txt. It worked.

      We can compile locally and across the network.